[Huge Cock, Best JAV] [TOMN-078] Ultra Big Dick Sex Ladies Who Swoon For Big Cocks 3 – 2017/01/15

Starring: Kaori, Yu Kawakami, Shizuku Morino, Ayaka Tomoda, Aika, Riona Minami, Mei Matsumoto, Karen Uehara, Saryu Usui, Yui Nishikawa, Kanako Ioka

JAV Video ID: TOMN-078

Release Date: 2017/01/15

Total Duration: 240 min

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[制服, 羞恥] [DJUD-116] The Female Torture Research Center THE THIRD JUDAS Episode-16 The Tragedy Of A Woman Who Can't Lose Who Gets Her Pussy Set On Passionate Fire Evil Full-Body Pleasure And Hell On The Verge Of Mind-Blowing Ecstasy Saryu Usui – 2018/05/18

Starring: Saryu Usui

Video Director: Koolong

JAV Video ID: DJUD-116

Release Date: 2018/05/18

Total Duration: 145 min

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[デジモ, 巨乳] [JUFD-552] S&M Slave The Pregnancy Fetish Auction ~ Enjoy As The Strands Of Hemp Rope Dig Into The Body Of This Beautiful Campaign Girl ~ Saryu Usui – 2015/12/27

Starring: Saryu Usui

Video Director: [Jo] Style

JAV Video ID: JUFD-552

Release Date: 2015/12/27

Total Duration: 150 min

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[Saryu Usui] [GHKP-87] Superheroine Domination Hell 34 -Super Lady’s Nightmare Day – 2018/04/13

Starring: Saryu Usui

Video Director: Tadayuki Hasegawa

JAV Video ID: GHKP-87

Release Date: 2018/04/13

Total Duration: 70 min

Lucifers are former heroes who fallen down to the evil. They have lost an opportunity to act since Super Lady appeared. They conceive unjustified resentments to Super Lady and try to defeat her but they are no match for her. Then, a man appears before Lucifers. The man gives advice to Lucifers. After that, Lucifers confront Super Lady. They have a device to seal her power. Super Lady tries to punish Lucifers. However, once the device works, Super Lady loses her power and starts suffering. “What is happening?” Super Lady manages to fight with them, but she is driven into the corner. Super Lady falls down to the ground. Lucifers look down her, smiling lecherously. Super Lady cannot lose to mean guys. She tries with all her strength to destroy the device. Super Lady recover her power and counterattack them, but…!!!

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[Saryu Usui] [GHKP-64] Heroine Lecherous Machine Insult Torture -Spandexer Cosmo Angel – 2018/01/26

Starring: Saryu Usui

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: GHKP-64

Release Date: 2018/01/26

Total Duration: 60 min

Aika, a city news reporter of Metro View, transforms into Spandexer to fight with evils when incident is happened. One day, Aika gets information that Amigo (drug-trafficking organization of Augus) utilizes young boys who live in slum, as drug dealers to deceive Drug Enforcement Administration. She goes to the site and accidentally saves an old man named Gen-san who were beaten up by bad guys. Aika recognizes realities of juvenile crime and drug syndicate spreading in slum. So, she transforms into Spandexer to destroy the organization. Firstly, she tries to investigate the wirepuller of the organization and she is captured by the organization on purpose. She is tortured in various ways by bad boys. They try to train her to be a sex slave. They torture Spandexer’s sensible part one after another. They finally use a sexual toy for Spandexer. Spandexer forcibly to be felt orgasm many times. Her body becomes addicted to pleasure in the end.

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[Saryu Usui] [THP-70] Super Heroine in Grave Danger Vol.70 -Fontaine’s Woken Power- – 2017/12/08

Starring: Saryu Usui

Video Director: Tadayuki Hasegawa

JAV Video ID: THP-70

Release Date: 2017/12/08

Total Duration: 85 min

Journalist Hiroshi Hanamiya and Rion Ikuma find evidence of Zeldovich’s crime. However they are captured by Zeldovich’s pursuer. When they face the crisis, justice heroine Fontaine appears before them. Fontaine manages to defeat Zeldovich’s monster. Yuka Hanamiya, Fontaine’s real identity, saves her husband form the crisis. However, Yuka didn’t notice that a man found the truth of Fontaine’s real identity. The next day, the man visits Yuka. He shows Yuka an evidential picture and says, “If this picture is revealed to monsters, you’ll be in trouble. I believe that your husband, parents, and relatives are all killed.” Yuka is shocked. The man adds, “I’m a fan of Fontaine. Do you understand what I mean?” Yuka is suffered with humiliation but she doesn’t have any other choice. She accepts the man’s order to protect her husband although she understand it is a betrayal to her husband. The man toys Yuka’s (Fontaine’s) body. However, it was a Zeldovich’s trap to set her up. Is Fontaine able to get out of the pinch and defeat Zeldovich!? [HAPPY END]

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[Saryu Usui] [ZDAD-77] Sexual Dynamite Heroine 01 Spandexer – 2014/08/08

Starring: Saryu Usui

Video Director: Sosuke Higashimura

JAV Video ID: ZDAD-77

Release Date: 2014/08/08

Total Duration: 72 min

Princess Maria is the only survivor of the Planet Alphalpha. She flees to Earth to stop Doctor God from dominating the world. But one day, Kenya brings home a Terrarium Ore from Planet Alphalpha’s core. Doctor God hypnotizes Kenya and finds out about Spandexer’s weakness. The mad scientist then creates a cyborg made of the Terrarium Ore to finally stop the superheroine. She loses against it and gets captured. Doctor God commands the cyborg to torture Spandexer by licking her and forcing her to drink its spit. They try to kill her by taking time. Will Spandexer be able to stop Doctor God!?

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