[Sayaka Tsutsumi] [ZOR-01] The Cyborg Doll Miraider – 2004/05/03

Starring: Sayaka Tsutsumi

JAV Video ID: ZOR-01

Release Date: 2004/05/03

Total Duration: 73 min

Professor Zark plans world domination with battle android troopers! To stop the evil mastermind, top robotics researcher Dr. Zenmyoji attempts to build a humanoid robot fighter of justice “Miraider Sayaka.” But when the doctor almost completed it, he is interrupted by the androids sent from Zark and Sayaka has to fight with incomplete Justice Circuit. Sayaka successfully beats back the attacking androids, but just when she tries to transform into Miraider, she is thwarted by the sound of Devil’s Flute. Sayaka is in dire straits and moreover, vicious Android-Man begins to molest Sayaka. She resists desperately and that’s when the sound of Devil’s Flute suddenly stops! “Now! Change, Miraider, Switch ON!!” Sayaka shouts. Battle with evil humanoid robot Psychoguilder starts! However, Sayaka is beaten and Psychoguilder mercilessly continues raping Sayaka who can no longer fight and Professor Zark plans to dismantle the battered body of Sayaka! Stand up again, Sayaka! Play your guitar now and send out the sound of justice!

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DDT-204 ザーメン・LOVE 300連発 1 Kurumi Morishita 桜井風花 142分 2009/04/24 持田茜 総集編 Miyuki Hourai Syuri Himesaki 小泉キラリ 3DDT

     DDT-204 LOVE Vol.1 Barrage Semen 300

Size: 1653 mb
Time: 02h 21min
Format: mp4
Resolution: 720×540

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