[Sumire, Yuri Shiroyama] [ZWHD-02] Dual Heroine Vol.02 – 2006/03/24

Starring: Yuri Shiroyama, Sumire

JAV Video ID: ZWHD-02

Release Date: 2006/03/24

Total Duration: 100 min

– Galaxy Hunter YURI Galaxy Hunter Yuri is sent to Earth to defeat the Death Legion. However, she is captured by the executive of the Death Legion, Thunder Bolt’s ruthless trap. Will Yuri be able to pull through from the hands of the Death Legion….?! –

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[Azusa Maki, Chika Arimura] [GSHE-03] Top 20 User’s Choice 2013 – 2014/07/25

Starring: Nana Usami, Karin Itsuki, Ai Wakana, Chacha Anku, Ayano Kamiya, Ryo Imai, Sakura Yoshino, Saya Aika, Ayu Sakurai, Kana Imai, Meru Takatsuki, Yurina Ayashiro, Tsuna Kimura, Hitomi Honjyo, Kaede Niiyama, Azusa Maki, Chika Hirako, Hina Maeda, Chika Arimura, Hibiki Ootuki, Uta Kohaku, Hikaru Shiina, Yui Hatano, Sumire, Rena Misaki

Video Director: Minooru

JAV Video ID: GSHE-03

Release Date: 2014/07/25

Total Duration: 101 min

Top twenty movies of GIGA 2013 chosen by the users. Fontaine, Ami, Sailor fighter, Sentai, etc. Numerous characters battling.

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[Sumire] [TRE-59] Heroine Insult Vol.59 Mighty Girl – 2013/03/08

Starring: Sumire

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TRE-59

Release Date: 2013/03/08

Total Duration: 95 min

Mai, a reporter for the Weekly Research magazine, is a cosmic Mighty Girl with super-human capability wrapped in the steely body. Her boss, out of his mere hunch, has ordered her to keep vigil on Hayashida, a big-name politician. With her super hearing power, she happens to overhear Tokudera, a writer for her rival magazine, in a shop talk. The ploy is to let the humanoid underling of crook genius scientist Dr. X break into the laboratory, which the rival politician of Hayashida has been backing up, and have Tokudera cover the story as her scoop! Mai takes off her jacket and turns into Mighty Girl to fly out to the site! She beats the humanoid down and foils Tokudera’s ploy. For this failure, Tokudera is now transferred to a third-rate gossip magazine, to be assigned to investigate alien sightings. But, a mysterious cosmic creature Dachura lives off Tokudera! Dachura, wanting Mighty Girl’s sweet body, corners her with the power and shocking beam that overwhelm her almost successfully. Then, Dr. X’s controller causes a glitch and sends out a certain frequency, that drives Dachura away from her. Dr. X gets Mighty Girl out of sheer luck and gropes her shapely body to control her. Dr. X, with the help of the powerful aphrodisiac that can cause a gorilla to copulate to its death, tries hard to awaken Mighty Girl’s sexual desire hidden deep down in her. Will she ever keep her mind straight and sound? Who’ll come out this tri-party battle as the winner? [Bad ending]

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[Sumire] [THZ-02] Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.02 – 2006/04/25

Starring: Sumire

Video Director: Yatsuki Bijogiya

JAV Video ID: THZ-02

Release Date: 2006/04/25

Total Duration: 75 min

There is a woman who lives as an agent of International Defense Agency at its request. Her code name is Sumire. She receives another commission today… According to the director, a group of Grim Reapers is plotting conquest of the world using clone technology… Sumire is asked to look into the matter… One of the central figures is believed to be Sumire’s father who has parted and lost contact with her. She is unable to make a decision… But she finally says strictly, ”let me do it!” She heads for the hideout of the group of Grim Reapers… What will become of Sumire? And what will be the relationship with her father?

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[Sumire, Sumire(百合野もも)] [GTRL-02] 新星戦隊リュウセイジャー 2 ブルー・レズ凌辱編 – 2013/02/22

Starring: Sumire(百合野もも)

Video Director: 羹灼

JAV Video ID: GTRL-02

Release Date: 2013/02/22

Total Duration: 134 min

暗黒船団ブラックホールにつかまったリュウセイピンクは見せしめとして瀕死の状態で地上に送り返され、もう二度と闘うことはできなくなってしまった。4人になったリュウセイジャーであったが敵は地球侵攻を待ってはくれない。立ち向かうリュウセイジャーたちの前にシャーク将軍とブラックホールの新たな幹部セイレーン、そして彼女のペットである怪人バーバリアンが現れる!セイレーンに見初められたブルーはバーバリアンとの戦いで不思議な笛の音色を聞き混乱する。仲間たちが女である自分に対しいやらしい感情を抱き、性的に責め立ててくる夢を見るブルーは基地を飛び出してしまう。しかし、それはセイレーンの吹いた笛の音の効果だったのだ!一人になったブルーを追い詰めるセイレーンとバーバリアン。ブルーは捕獲され、マリーナ星の女性が持つエキスを排出する源としてセイレーンに調教されてしまう!セイレーンの凌辱は女ならではの的確な責めで、ブルーが体の自由がきかないのをいいことにゆっくりとそして執拗に追い詰めていく。そしてセイレーンの隆起する股間から出てきたもの、それは男性器であった!そう、セイレーンはふたなりだったのだ!ピンクに続きブルーまでも失ってしまうのか?!どうする!?リュウセイジャー![BAD END]

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TRE-59 Heroine Insult Mighty Girl

TRE-59 Heroine Insult Mighty Girl

File 1 – Size: 498 mb – Time: 00:31:45
File 2 – Size: 402 mb – Time: 00:25:23
File 3 – Size: 599 mb – Time: 00:38:24
File 4 – Size: 137 mb – Time: 00:08:53
Resolution: 720×480
Format: mkv

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GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

GSHE-03 Top 20 User’s Choice 2013

File 1 – Size: 707 mb – Time: 00:31:32
File 2 – Size: 770 mb – Time: 00:34:33
File 3 – Size: 807 mb – Time: 00:36:00

Resolution: 856×480
Format: wmv

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