[Yokoyama Mirei, Mirei Yokoyama] [GMMD-05] Contemptuous Heroine – Desperate Endurance – Beautiful Fighter Briria – 2010/04/09

Starring: Mirei Yokoyama

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: GMMD-05

Release Date: 2010/04/09

Total Duration: 65 min

If forgiven by Goddess, I won’t forgive you! Here comes the beautiful fighter Brillia!! It’s time you got punished, mind you! Then appears the beautiful fighter, Brillia, with the resounding cries. The sweet voice enlivens all on the Earth with such a vigor. Dominus, the lesbian boss of evils, who is envious of her outstanding activities, is in search of a means to break her into a lesbian. Brillia and Dominus, in fact, are close friends. both hiding their true selves. Brillia gets broken by Dominus who is still oblivious of the truth! Fearful shrieks echo in the hideout, then Dominus learns the fact… [Bad ending]

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