[Shit, Toilet] [YOU-011] 小●生のもぎたて 便器の中からうんこ盗撮 – 2012/11/11

JAV Video ID: YOU-011

Release Date: 2012/11/11

Total Duration: 120 min


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[Hidden Camera, Toilet] [YOU-021] 小●生一本グソ盗撮 – 2013/04/12

JAV Video ID: YOU-021

Release Date: 2013/04/12

Total Duration: 110 min


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[YOU] [TML-02] Super Mask Heroine 02 – 2007/12/07

Starring: YOU

Video Director: SCHWARZEN III

JAV Video ID: TML-02

Release Date: 2007/12/07

Total Duration: 75 min

Super Mask Heroine Rising Shadow works as an agent for the International Security Organization. In the fight with Blood Cross, an international terror organization, she is captured. In order to get the secret information about Rare Ametal that provides Rising Shadow with an energy source, they inflict relentless tortures… She experiences domination and rape by a phantom and sexual abuse by combatants!! Is her mask ever ripped off?

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[YOU] [JDSD-05] Heroine Tickling Torture – 2008/12/12

Starring: YOU

JAV Video ID: JDSD-05

Release Date: 2008/12/12

Total Duration: 86 min

An aloof female warrior named Kuroha Shiranui as the Bird Black hates to act together with her fellows, so by herself she has been carrying her mission to steal jewels named Evil-Shining Stones supposed to lead human beings into madness. However, she is trapped by Beruruba who is a cadreman of the Super-Devil Society plotting to make human world into evil world by gathering Evil-Shinning Stones, and unfortunately finally Kuroha is captured. Beruruba, who is a lesbian and sadist, puts Kuroha on torture in order to make her confess where she keeps hiding other stolen Evil-Shining Stones. But Beruruba notices that Kuroha won’t say anything about them with pain. So Beruruba teases and annoys Kuroha with any kinds of methods through a whole night and tries to find out her weak points. And finally Beruruba finds that Kuroha is weak in tickling, and Beruruba puts Kuroha on torture of a tickling machine and makes her taste a hell on earth. However, Kuroha is succeeded in escaping when the enemy is off the guard. But while she is searching the exit, she strays into a room of another cadreman named Dunki. She transforms herself into the Bird-Black and fights against Dunki, but she has been so weaken by Beruruba’s torture. So she is defeated and captured. In addition to that Beruruba appears in there and makes a proposal, and for that reason Kuroha is given tickling torture in rotation and can’t bear endless tickling torture any longer. And finally she confesses all she knows. However, what Kuroha is waiting for is a terrific tickling execution. (BAD END)

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[YOU] [TDP-01] Big Breast Heroine – Special Agent Fighter Painer – 2005/01/23

Starring: YOU

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: TDP-01

Release Date: 2005/01/23

Total Duration: 70 min

Nahoko Kashiwabara was a member of Space Special Investigaion which controled the criminals from the space. She had been mortally injured due to the accident druring investigation, but had escaped death to keep the peace of the space as Kyonyu Special Investigator Painar. One day, Nahoko found the scene of human trafficking of the secret society Gillar, and changed herself into Painar to arrest Gillar warriors and Baierun, the trafficking broker. But the space criminals whose scheme had been disturbed by Painar colluded and made a plan to endanger her. That was a terrible scheme that they thoroughly torture her kyonyu, the weak point and the energy storage of Painar. Painar fell into the vicious trap of Gillar and was tortured in the Kyonyu with full of humiliation and pain by revengers from all over the space. How would Painar reverse the situation?

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[TLP-03] Pink Ninja Captude in Big Crisis – 2007/05/25

Starring: YOU

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: TLP-03

Release Date: 2007/05/25

Total Duration: 95 min

The rogue corps Sigma had always been nipped in their schemes by To-Nin Captude of the Ninja troupe. Madon, the corps head of Sigma, got so mad and angry with the ever-so obstructive To-Nin Captude that he placed a trap. Madon was successful in enticing To-Nin Captude out and played gimmicks to infuriate her out of her senses. She was lured into a town and stepped on the switch, where bombs had been planted. One step away from the switch, the town would be blown to pieces. She was stuck on the switch, while her enemy fighters took her helmet and Madon kept beating on her head. Suddenly, Madon realized that Captude had a red scar on her left shoulder, the unmistakable sign of an heir to the Despiritualizing Magic power. Coveting long for the Despiritualizing Magic power that could manipulate anyone at will, Madon tried to squeeze the Magic out of Captude. Captude would never crack a word, and thus she was taken to their hideout. Stuck with devilish vibrating needles all over the body, Captude got paralyzed to the core of her body. But, now Madon decided to try on another torture on Captude who was barely enduring the vibrating needles. Madon began covering Captude’s full breasts with curse plasters soaked in plentiful vamp water that would strip reason and make skin super sensitive. Captude tried not to lose her reason, while enduring the effects in agony, but Madon’s fighters devoured her body with such vigor. She was now raped by a grotesque worm-like creature. The monstrous creature sucked on Captude’s ample breasts and tight groin. Irritated, Madon at last thrust his cock into her cunt and ejaculated semen in bursts. Later, she got raped by other fighters who all relieved themselves into Captude. Would there be a turnaround?

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[TBB-20] Heroine Suppression Vol.20 – 2006/07/13

Starring: YOU

JAV Video ID: TBB-20

Release Date: 2006/07/13

Total Duration: 85 min

The decisive battle between Love Battler @YOU and the evil incarnate boss Sister Gill was quite close… Sister Gill was to deprive the love-radiation machine of Love Battler @YOU for her own desire. It was developed for love and freedom and the origin of power of @YOU. To accomplish her intention, she has nothing else to destroy the spirit and the body of @YOU. Sister Gill got her in her clutches by dirty and carefully worked-out plan. Due to the battle with the bio-monster ”Neo Psycho-guilder”, @YOU was beaten up, showed the whites of her eyes and went off… She was also whipped by Sister Gill and her costume went in rags.,, With Chain choking and the electric shock by stun gun, the spirit of courageous @YOU got withered away… And a towering man to crush the body of @YOU by the steel hammer… Strong sulfuric acid attack, spanking and body blow… The young body and courageous spirit of Love Battler @YOU, who fainted and showed the whites again and again, was going to pieces… Can she get the chance to reverse the situation?

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