[Yu Kawakami] [GODS-04] Insult Legend04 The Red – 2012/12/14

Starring: Yu Kawakami

JAV Video ID: GODS-04

Release Date: 2012/12/14

Total Duration: 97 min

The times when a wolf virus spreads…The Government has developed a certain virus from wolves in order to make a man into a biological weapon. But, among the experimental subjects, ones have died and the others have lost reason as a man and become a beast… The Government fears disclosure of the failure and tries to exterminate these infected people in secrecy; however, these beats escape from the lab one after another. Therefore, the Government forms a unit in order to protect citizens from the virus infected people and these mobs… The unit’s leader is called ’the RED’, and during the mobs’ repression, she encounters the test subject No. 089 who is a representative of them. The RED is gradually overwhelmed by these infected people who have superfluous power with the beast virus. These people viscerally attack the RED…So that they’re able to bury their wicks into her beyound the limits of reason. Yet, while being raped, the RED counterattacks, and repeats offense and defense that seesaws to and fro… But, the situation inclines to the beats and she allows them to rape her over and over… The RED finally loses the strength and drops into unconsciousness, and after a while she wakes up but she finds all fours restrained with a chain, and she can see many citizens whom she should protect are surrounding her and raising a big voice. ’We know you killed our families…friends…one after another!’ These citizens get excited and boo her even if she has no clues about what they say. ’That’s not ture! I haven never done such a thing!’ The RED tries to persuade these citizens desperately, but she realizes that she has a raw feeling and sight beyond the memory. And, these citizens get more excited with each passing moment. The chain which restrains all fours, and a righteous soul which stops her to raise a hand to these citizens…and also a guilty feeling which makes her reckon that she may has killed innocent citizens, which fetters on her, so that she cannot resist them as she wishes. And little by little mind and boy is spoiled by these citizens whom she should protect. These citizens are excited to see the beauty of the RED’s face that is exposed without make-up after the mask is stripped off, and criticize the RED for one thing or another and start craving the flesh. Now, these citizens completely lose control of themselves, and finally…

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[Nanako Misaki, Ryo Tujimoto] [GDBS-17] G1 Grand Prix 4th Stage – 2012/10/26

Starring: Nozomi Haduki, Yuki Maeda, Rei Mizuna, Uta Kohaku, Mahiro Aine, Ryo Tujimoto, Asuka Misugi, Ichika Aimi, Chika Arimura, Nanako Misaki, Yu Kawakami, Erika Iikura, Aya Sakuraba, Riri Kouda

JAV Video ID: GDBS-17

Release Date: 2012/10/26

Total Duration: 119 min

10 Highlight scenes of the Fourth G1 Grand Prix!

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[Iori Konno, Yuki Maeda] [GDBS-18] The Highlights Of Naked Mask Heroine – 2013/01/11

Starring: Mei Asuka, Ai Mizusima, Yui Aikawa, Sayuri Ichimatsu, Rina Fukada, Nanako Mori, Ichika Aimi, Natumi Horiguchi, Emi Yamanaka, Yu Kawakami, Nozomi Haduki, Yuki Maeda, Iori Konno

JAV Video ID: GDBS-18

Release Date: 2013/01/11

Total Duration: 116 min

The Highlights of Naked Mask Heroines.

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[Uta Kohaku, Ai Mizusima] [TRSH-47] Heroine Fellatio Volume 2 – 2014/02/14

Starring: Yu Kawakami, Natumi Horiguchi, Nami Shinohara, Ran Asami, Uta Kohaku, Kotone Amamiya, Sakura Morishita, Maya Maino, Risa Yaguchi, Rina Fukada, Rui Saotome, Ai Kikuzato, Ai Mizusima, Yuno Hoshi

JAV Video ID: TRSH-47

Release Date: 2014/02/14

Total Duration: 79 min

[Click on the Package to see which movies are included] Compilation of Fellatio Scenes by our heroines.

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[Rockass Mania, Ruri Anno] [TRSH-45] Heroine gang rape hell – 2013/10/11

Starring: Sakura Morishita, Ruri Anno, Jun Sena, Riko Mizushima, Yu Kawakami, Yuki Takarabe

JAV Video ID: TRSH-45

Release Date: 2013/10/11

Total Duration: 70 min

[Please click on ’Enlarge the Package’ to find a list of recorded titles!!]
An omnibus of heroines getting gang banged.

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[Mina Kanamori, Ryo Tujimoto] [TRSH-44] Super Hard Tentacle – 2013/08/09

Starring: Ryo Tujimoto, Yu Kawakami, Anna Komukai, Sakura Morishita, Yu Yamasita, Mina Kanamori, Ichika Aimi

JAV Video ID: TRSH-44

Release Date: 2013/08/09

Total Duration: 72 min

Tentacles there, tentacles here, tentacles all over the place! Sticky and slimy tentacles wriggling around everywhere! You will be amazed with the various tentacles we’ve got for you. Tentacles that shoot out mucus, tentacles that rip pantyhose, tentacles that screws itself into girls, and much more! We’ve also prepared the most perfect heroines for you. A ninja, Super Lady, naked heroines and more. Hey you, who love girls getting abused by tentacles, here is a great clip for you!

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[Yu Kawakami, Yuu Kawakami] [GHKO-89] Masked Fontaine -The Forbidden Dream- – 2017/06/23

Starring: Yu Kawakami

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GHKO-89

Release Date: 2017/06/23

Total Duration: 90 min

Fontaine chases a dream devil who torments people and goes inside of a dream. However her body remained in real world becomes like an empty shell, and is toyed by villains, so she is finally captured. Her magical stick is abused by devil and she is tortured. Her mind is prisoned in “the certain space.” Every time she feels ecstasy, her energy is squeezed from her body in real world. Her strong mind is also gradually fascinated by pleasure, because of her body is overdosed. Is Fontaine able to prevent devil’s plot?

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[Yuu Kawakami, Yu Kawakami] [GATE-20] Naked Heroine 20 Phase:20 -Red-mask – 2010/09/10

Starring: Yu Kawakami

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: GATE-20

Release Date: 2010/09/10

Total Duration: 61 min

The Red-Mask is captured by an evil organization. Then, the damned agonized-shrieking is being unfolded―the combatants’ fists are hit into her white skin. The Red-Mask is hurt and trampled on by the combatants, and her pride and high sprit are totally torn apart. And before she notices, their nasty fingers are inserted into her crotch’s wet hole and she is forced to reach the acme. Well, are odds in favor of our Red-Mask?

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[Yuu Kawakami, Yu Kawakami] [TGGP-35] 【G1】American Comic Heroine Real Bontage – 2011/11/25

Starring: Erika Iikura, Yu Kawakami

Video Director: Takashi Mutsuki

JAV Video ID: TGGP-35

Release Date: 2011/11/25

Total Duration: 107 min

On Planet Arachne, where spiders have evolved into highly intellectual creatures, a crazy and sadistic woman goes on a massive killing spree. The horrible massacre is committed by Naia, who manages to give chasing police a slip and flees the planet. She eventually travels to Earth, a peaceful blue planet that becomes a battlefield for Naia and Shannon chasing her…! As the girls’ battle begins, Naia, with a help from her faithful pet Bibi, an evolved type of wild boar, slowly corners Shannon. Using ‘Human Serum,’ fluids extracted from the bodies of the humans she captured, Naia leads her to the ultimate stage of evolution…. Naia releases ‘Gossamers,’ threads that are incredibly strong and flexible, and her Gossamers, strings and straw ropes entangle her body, relentlessly torturing Shannon! Shannon cannot move a muscle with her legs forced open like an M, and Naia shoves her huge tail into Shannon’s crotch…! Shannon, drugged with a love potion, gets lost in a lesbian daydream. Bibi the pig rapes her and cums inside her, and Shannon gets dizzy and faints…. She wakes up to find that she is hung upside down with her hands tied up behind her back. She is made to reach orgasm with her face covered with tons of her own gushing cum. Also, she gets nose-hooked in humiliation play…. This is the most authentic and hardest bondage session in GIGA history! Can Shannon survive the most hardcore bondage that lives up to name of the film…!?

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[Yuu Kawakami, Yu Kawakami] [JOVD-05] Waterboarding A Heroine – Metal Woman – 2010/09/24

Starring: Yu Kawakami

Video Director: Kisuke Hizen

JAV Video ID: JOVD-05

Release Date: 2010/09/24

Total Duration: 62 min

Hibiki Manaka is a former superheroine Metal Woman, a member of Guardian Force. Having retired, she now lives happily with her family. It is thought her peaceful days continue forever when an evil executioner Gallow sends a message to Commander Moriyama, superior officer of the unit she once belonged to. Taking her ex-fellow Guardian Force members hostage, Gallow tells Metal Woman to come to him alone if she wants to save the life of her former partners! Commander Moriyama contacts Hibiki and asks her to come back. Commander also warns her; he doesn’t know why, but the enemy insists on her coming alone, saying: “If someone other than Metal Woman shows up, all hostages will be dead.” Metal Woman sets out to the enemy’s base on her own, where a cunning trap is set for her. Metal Woman has to go through water and water spray tortures over and over again. Will she ever be able to go back to those happy days again?!

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