[THZ-24] Super Heroine in Big Crisis ! Vol.24 – 2008/11/14

Starring: Yayoi Yanagida

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: THZ-24

Release Date: 2008/11/14

Total Duration: 85 min

Ageha is a special agent of the Federal Investigation Organization. She spends day and night fighting the Goblins and she is also a descendant of Shinobi Clan, families protecting Cosmo, the energy source of the Earth, from the ancient times. When the desperate Goblins invent a radar device that can detect Cosmo’s vibration waves in order to steal Cosmo, Ageha fights them and confiscates their new device. While Ageha is greatly alarmed by the Goblins who are now capable of creating the radar equipment, the Goblins plan to lure Organization’s agents into a trap by using vibration waves to retrieve their radar device. Perhaps Ageha is too conscious of being part of the old family and their missions. Ageha always loses her cool where Cosmo is involved and it is Ageha herself who is trapped by the Goblins. She has to fight the enemy alone. Attacked by Dark Ninja Bug using spider’s threads and poison fangs, she cannot move her body and collapses. Ageha is brought to their hideout where she gets severely tortured by Dark Ninja Bug. She is forced to bare her skin under the suit, but she would not tell the place of the base. Then the combatants begin to fondle her skin; lots of slimy bugs are poured under the suit; and adult insects lick all over her body, but still she would not talk. Finally Dark Bug Ninja rapes her, but she bravely endures it to protect Cosmo. Meanwhile in the headquarters of the Federal Investigation Organization, they discover a surprising thing; Cosmo is rapidly moving to the Goblins’ lair! The time has come to end the war between humans and the Goblins.

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