[You Kaneko] [GATE-22] Naked Heroine 22 Phase 22 – Chukai Pilin – 2010/10/08

Starring: You Kaneko

Video Director: Masayoshi Shiki

JAV Video ID: GATE-22

Release Date: 2010/10/08

Total Duration: 64 min

Chukai-Pairin, coming from the Mid-World, drops in at the Human World on her way to train as a warrior and engages in the endless battle with Kyona Ao who has fled from the Mid-World. Kyona Ao sets a trap to beat her long-time enemy Chukai-Pairin. Chukai-Pairin is fooled into Kyona’s trap, taken to her hide-out to get humiliated with groping… Kyona Ao leads her fighters to screw Chukai-Pairin and smash the Heroine’s self-pride. Will Chukai-Pairin get away from Kyona Ao’s devilish hands? [Bad ending]

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