[Yui Aikawa] [ZDAD-39] The Masked Seductive Heroine – 2012/04/27

Starring: Yui Aikawa

Video Director: Kanzo Matsuura

JAV Video ID: ZDAD-39

Release Date: 2012/04/27

Total Duration: 61 min

Suzuka Hibari is the heir to Hibari Gumi group, but she is weary of her family business and working independently in a restaurant peacefully. One day, Kuroi Gumi group, eyeing to evict the restaurant, visits the restaurant with a claimer/evictor specializing in eatery business. Picking on the plate served without a cause and hustling customers with violence, Kuroi Gumi gang is causing trouble. Suzuka explodes in anger and, at the spur of the moment, she changes into underwear and a mask, transforms into Tempting Mask and beats out the gang. But, Kuroi Gumi returns with retaliation, kidnaps the store manager and sends for a killer to assassinate Tempting Mask. Knowing that Kuroi Gumi is in wait for her, she sets out for Kuroi Gumi’s den. Will she ever stop Kuroi Gumi’s ploy!

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