[Yui Hatano] [GPTM-19] Wonder Lady VS. American Monsters – 2011/12/09

Starring: Yui Hatano

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: GPTM-19

Release Date: 2011/12/09

Total Duration: 157 min

Armed robbery is taken place by atrocious criminals named the Gang of Dark J. nesting in the Goddam-City! The investigator, Suzuka Hoshishiro (means sounding scent on a castle of a star) always wishes peace of the city. She transforms herself into the Super-Heroine named the Wonder-Lady who has physical strength beyond humans, and drives Dark J. into the corner. Her power and speed is unimaginable out of her well-balanced and sexy body! And more than anything else, the beauty of feature is a sex symbol itself that everyone always yearns. Then splendidly, the Wonder-Lady with the citizens of the city realize their long-awaited dreams of imprisonment of Dark J. But Dark J. thirsts for revenge on the Wonder-Lady, and attacks the warder and escapes from the prison! And Dark J. gets hold of the human-type weapons of destruction named K-3000 from a mysterious man lives in the future world, and ventures into the Investigation Bureau of the Goddem-City! Then, many monsters gather, such as a serial-murder chain-saw man, a space hunter Defeater and so on! !! Well, does true peace come in the Goddam-City?

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