[ZDAD-12] Super Force Energy Five Side Story – Evil Princess Karma – 2010/09/24

Starring: Mami Anzai, Saki Hukayama

Video Director: Eiji Kamikura

JAV Video ID: ZDAD-12

Release Date: 2010/09/24

Total Duration: 61 min

A royal princess, Karma of an ancient empire Dogumaira (means a poison torturer) has been died by the Photon-Power-Bazooka of the Energy-Five. However, the soul is again returned to the world in the midst of the trip to the hell for the reason of ”Making her understood a meaning of ’The Evil’ to maintain infernal order.” But by the gatekeeper’s mistake, the flesh of Karma revives in an alternate world, and there nobody knows who she is. Not to speak of the Energy-Pink among the five members, and as to the soldiers of the Dogumaira and they treat her like a crazy girl. Karma knocks down the Energy-Pink and gets the information on this world, but suddenly a villain in this world, the Spooky-Poison Warrior appears in front of her and plots to entice Karma who has the astonishing strength into the company. Karma is sealed her power by the witchcraft of the Spooky-Poison Warrior, and during the fight she is overwhelmed like she has never experienced before―but only her pride doesn’t yield. Even if she is bit her entire body by fish ghosts with sharp teeth, she never lend her ear to the Spooky-Poison Warrior. And luckily, Karma resolves the witchcraft by a chance obtained by desertion of the Energy-Pink, and she also tries to escape. Somehow Karma demolishes the Dogumaira’s soldiers, and again she faces against the Energy-Pink. Well, in front of the Energy-Pink considered as a righteous symbol, is the recognition ”The Evil” born to the heart of Karma? This is a spin-off story of the audacious and worst bad news warrior. A new wicked woman’s legend now begins!!

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