[Akane Mochida] [THP-10] Super-heroine near miss Vol.10. – 2006/12/10

Starring: Akane Mochida

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: THP-10

Release Date: 2006/12/10

Total Duration: 100 min

This poor country was in the dark era of the disturbances of war caused by a greedy dictator. There appeared a girl who had received revelation of devine will in front of the suffering people. She hid herself as a nun in the church in usual days and fought as the Star of Celine with the fencing skill against the depraved Government. The great efforts of the Star of Celine and the tide of the times had finally gotten the Dictator Sado cornered. But General Sado had started to develop the biological weapon. When it completes, the traitors who existed only a few would be exterminated. The Star of Celine challenged the dangerous mission to deprive him of the secret data chip, but she fell into a wicked trap and caught. General Sado and middle-aged female torturer stated to torture her to get back the chip. Strapped to the torturing chair, the Star of Celine was suffered from the electricity and violence. They inserted the dirty hands into the leotard and took out the white inner to attack her female sex. They also put on lacquer on her sex organ which caused itchiness. Their torture stated to torment the sex organ of Star of Celine who was going to go mad with the itchiness. Star of Celine came to climax repeatedly with the feeling of pleasure caused by the itchiness and the attack on the sensitive part. Finally she was raped by General Sado. Her mask was taken off and her identity was revealed. Physically and mentally cornered, Star of Celine cried out in pleasure, though she was raped. What would become of her?

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