[Emiri Himeno, Hime Noemiri] [THP-32] Super Heroine In Big Crisis!! Vol.32 – Moonlight Fighter La Luna Vol.1 – 2010/03/12

Starring: Emiri Himeno

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: THP-32

Release Date: 2010/03/12

Total Duration: 79 min

La Luna is a female space agent of Space Bureau of Investigation Moon Branch, now stationed at Earth Office. Using her secret identity Katsuki Usa, she has busy days teaching music lessens to disobedient students at school. When the night comes, La Luna fights the evil aliens in the light of full moon. Clad in pure-white armored suit, she looks breathtakingly exquisite, throwing beautiful kicks. She is the most popular and gorgeous woman in the school and the infatuated school president hatches a plan to make her his, using the schoolmaster. Alone in the classroom Katsuki sensei plays the violin in the starry night, and the beautiful sound echoes in the deserted school. One night she passes by the schoolmaster walking staggered. Next day the schoolmaster enters the president’s office and turns into a space botanical monster Mandran. When Mandran attacks the president, the sound of Katsuki’s violin comes from nowhere. After listening to the violin sound, Mandran’s body starts contorting in agony…. Later on another day Katsuki sensei passes out because of a prank of a delinquent student Yamada, who molests the teacher while she is unconscious. The schoolmaster arrives, turns into Mandran and starts attacking Katsuki. Katsuki is in big trouble, her body entangled by the monster’s ivy tentacles. She tries to transform, but the tentacles interrupt. Driven into corner, Katsuki finally succeeds in transforming into La Luna and starts fighting, but her battle turns out very tough against the monster using poison pollens and liquid solution….[HAPPY END]

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