[Kotone Amamiya, Hikari Matsushita] [GOMK-24] Sailor Heroine Evilly-Dressed Lesbian – 2013/03/22

Starring: Hikari Matsushita, Kotone Amamiya

Video Director: Kang-syaku

JAV Video ID: GOMK-24

Release Date: 2013/03/22

Total Duration: 99 min

A brain of the Sailor Fighter named the Sailor-Frozen, and the physical fighter named the Sailor-Sylphy unite their power, and manage to defeat a mystic devil. They’re a pair with totally different characters and looks, but they’re connected with deep bonds in the depths of their souls and they give their heart to each other… On the other hand, a fighter of the Dark-Side Lunarian named Nemesis is spitting image of the Sailor-Sypphy, and aims to annihilate the Sailor-Fighter at a one stretch by hunting the Sailor-Frozen who is a brain of the Sailor Fighter. Nemesis lures the Sailor-Frozen into the alternate world, and plays like the Sylphy and catches the Sailor-Frozen off guard and seals motion of the Sailor-Frozen with flush of the spooky eyes, and then strokes the Sailor-Frozen’s body with the lubricous hands; however, the Sailor-Frozen detects the true character and obliterates Nemesis! And she returns from the alternative world. But, the Sailor-Frozen occasionally finds a mysterious choker lying at her feet and picks it up, and the choker suddenly turns her into the Dark-Frozen as a dark fighter that is shining with dark silver color! And one who is standing right behind her is Nemesis who must have been defeated! The Dark-Frozen is obstinately and carefully licked, and after she reaches the acme a couple of times, she gradually gets bewildered and finally she desires to unite with Nemesis… Nemesis takes over the Dark-Frozen’s flesh, and lures the Sailor-Sylphy whom the Dark-Frozen gives her heart to, and as a reward to the Dark-Frozen, Nemesis insistently tortures her beautiful body. Well, is the Sailor-Sylphy going to go down to the Dark-Frozen in this way!?

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