[Mahiro Aine, Aine Mahiro] [THP-35] Superheroine Overcoming Crises! Vol.35 – Masked Knight Ruby Knight – 2010/08/13

Starring: Mahiro Aine

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: THP-35

Release Date: 2010/08/13

Total Duration: 62 min

Rumiko is a high school girl who loves reading and her favorite book is a fairy tale “Ruby Knight.” One day something strange happens: one of the characters of the book, spider monster “Spander,” has really come out of the book! Spander possesses the body of Rumiko’s brother to dominate the world! Not only that; chasing the escaped monster, Ruby Knight has also jumped out of the book! However, to live in the real world, those characters from the book world need to be merged with humans. Rumiko is all too happy to offer her own body to Ruby Knight, the heroine she loves. In the meanwhile, Spander has created his minions, and orders them to attack Ruby Knight who never gives up chasing him! She fights back, ripping the enemies apart with her weapon of choice, fencing sword! But killing Spander means taking the life of Rumiko’s brother, and Ruby Knight hesitates to attack…. That’s when the spider monster attacks her, gripping her body tight with its sharp talons that dig deep into her flesh, and Ruby Knight is driven into a corner. Ruby Knight passed out, but Spander, who wants to know whereabouts of the notebook that can change the story of a fairy tale, subjects the heroine to tortures, rapes her together with the minions and cums inside her. Only Rumiko can save Ruby Knight from the predicament, but she is also attacked by the monster. What will become of the fairy tale heroine Ruby Knight!? [HAPPY END]

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