[Miwa, Kisaki Tokumori] [ZHPD-20] Super Heroine Jr. Saves the Crisis !! 3 Beauty Fighter Sailor Soldier Princess – 2006/01/27

Starring: Miwa, Asuka Nagayoshi, Kisaki Tokumori, Rika Inoue, Ayaka Tsuji

Video Director: Tomoaki Sato

JAV Video ID: ZHPD-20

Release Date: 2006/01/27

Total Duration: 55 min

Oh my! The Princess has become a Sailor Soldier! Her code name is Sailor Princess!! Although this sounds false it’s really true. Huh?! Is she going to be okay?! Well, she is super powerful. I mean, she may probably be as strong as Sailor Alpha. Primary school villain, Hell Cat sometimes fights on her side, then at times, betrays her. What the hell is going on….? The Princess, with super action fights her way through the enemies that attack her one after the other. But, of course at times, she falls into a pinch! Hang in there, Princess! The peace of this country depends on you.

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