[Miyashita Tsukasa, Tsukasa Miyashita] [GEXP-73] Heroine White Eye Fainting Hell – Beautiful Fighter Sailor Priest – 2012/07/27

Starring: Tsukasa Miyashita

Video Director: Toru Sakata

JAV Video ID: GEXP-73

Release Date: 2012/07/27

Total Duration: 76 min

She comes to school, transferred from somewhere else, as Warrior Sailor Priest, who fights the evil specters threatening peace on Earth… She sneaks into the school, where evil specters are lurking. The students and teachers have all been possessed by the specters. Transformed into Warrior Sailor Priest, using her sacred power, she fights the evils but gets splashed with a poison on her body, paralyzing her. Sailor Priest keeps on fighting with all her might, but the specters are relentless, beating her thin, supple neck with harsh blows to squeeze it tight. Unbearable, Sailor Priest, with her beautiful eyes turned up, showing the white, blacks out slackly, her legs spreading out grotesquely and urinating… Sailor warrior, while faint with her white eyes turned up, gets molested by lowly specters and splashed with their cum on her face. Then, she comes to senses and blasts out her power, wielding kicks and blows in fierce anger. But, the priest of devildom appears again and beats her. Sailor warrior, now whipped hard to make her faint with her eyes turned up, gets raped by the specters, forcibly coming time and again and shattering her mentality… She is left under the moon, with her blank ecstatic face showing the white eyes miserably…
[Bad ending]

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