[Riko Kitagawa] [GHKQ-53] Heroine Completely Insult 07 Miss Excellent -Lecherous Monster’s Party- – 2018/09/28

Starring: Riko Kitagawa

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: GHKQ-53

Release Date: 2018/09/28

Total Duration: 110 min

Battle Excite Z fights with evil organization Deros. Only female member Miss Excellent/Anna Misaki defeats Ryuji Kawabata, a prison breaker, rapist, while she protects important person. However, when Miss Excellent returns to human appearance Anna Misaki, she is seen from Ryuji Kawabata. Evil organization Deros pick up Ryuji and remodel him to the monster. New evilness is approaching to Miss Excellent…

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