[Sakura Morishita, Morishita Sakura] [THP-31] Superheroine In Crisis! Vol.31 – Misty Ranger – 2010/01/08

Starring: Sakura Morishita

Video Director: Unatsuki

JAV Video ID: THP-31

Release Date: 2010/01/08

Total Duration: 63 min

Kurara Itsu aka Misty Blue is the only woman member of Misty Rangers, fighting Inferna, the dark underworld forces that attempt to conquer the human race. One day Kurara’s magic instructor Hikaru, who is also her fiance, is captured by Doggelger, commander of Inferna and imprisoned Hikaru is magically turned into a doll. To save her captured fiance, Kurara infiltrates the evil organization’s hideout alone, but she faces a tough fight against the dark underworld monster Rengaru, a formidable enemy that confronts her. Kurara battles the monster without transforming, but Rengaru tells her to transform into Misty Blue. Because Hikaru is taken hostage, Kurara can do nothing but obey the enemy monster’s demand. Kurara becomes Misty Blue, but she cannot fight back. Misty Blue gets roughed up by Rengaru in the one-sided battle while commander Doggelger, sexually aroused, enjoy watching the battered heroine. Finally Doggelger shows up before her, holding Hikaru turned into a doll in his hand. That is when Misty Blue jumps on the enemy commander and snatches the doll. She pretended obedience waiting for the moment to counterattack. Misty Blue continues her fight again, holding Hikaru in her hand, but when angry Doggelger attacks her using his immense magical power, Misty Blue accidentally lets go of the doll. Now she is in big trouble as her transformed fiance is taken captive again. It is clear Misty Blue, having lost the upper hand, has to stop fighting once again, and she is in great peril now. Can she make it through the predicament she is facing, and get her fiance back? [HAPPY END]

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